Authors who are "Differently Expertised"...

Authors who are "Differently Expertised"...

29 June 2010

When I was a Stringer

Ashleen the Writer (Ashleen O'Gaea) said...

When I was a stringer,
my reporter friends all drank;
‘twas deadlines and gory stories
that kept them in the tank.
And so I grew up thinking
that a writer should be drinking --
but yes, Hemmingway and Thomas
were a little bit to thank.

Journalism didn’t make
my well of writing gush,
but it let me learn “a drinker”
doesn’t have to equal “lush.”
So I kept on thinking
that a writer could be drinking –
but yes, the liquor usually makes
my typing turn to mush.

Now whene’re I tip a glass,
I’ve writing tools nearby
for drink and conversation
often lets ideas fly.
Not to the point of stinking,
this writer will keep drinking –
my drinking will not kill me,
and I’ll write until I die.

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