Authors who are "Differently Expertised"...

Authors who are "Differently Expertised"...

06 July 2010

Please Send Me All Your Books

An occupational hazard of being hard-copy published is that people ask you for free books.  Sometimes you're happy to donate -- but most requests widen your eyes and make you shake your head.  Being able to say "no" graciously -- without snarking, crying, guffawing, or hiding under the book signing table -- is as important as knowing where commas and semi-colons go!

Here are a few of the "reasons" I've been given -- none of which have been persuasive, by the way.  The most anyone who asks for a free book is likely to get is . . . quoted in this blog!

*  I love the books of yours I got at Bookman's. 
*  I'm your biggest fan and I know where you live. 
* I'm on disability. 
* Cheese attacks me. 
* Ah kin reevoo it fer ya 'n' tell mah frinds t'buy it nex' time they pawn sumpin. 
* Yours will be the first book I've ever read.
* I am [Welsh] [a mariachi fan] [a Fourth Degree Alex Gardner initiate] [psychic] [a writer] [a spy] so it's only right.
* The warden won't let me buy anything.

(I do occasionally donate a book to a charity auction, and once in a while I give one as a gift, although that always seems a bit presumptuous to me.  But the truth is, I can't afford to give my books away.  I need to sell 'em just to pay for buyin' them to sell!)

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Jude Johnson said...

SO like if I reply will you send me a free book?
wink wink nudge nudge...