Authors who are "Differently Expertised"...

Authors who are "Differently Expertised"...

12 October 2010

Where to Write by D.H. Palmer

Where do I like to write? Good question. You see, for me, because my ideas for a book, books, a chapter or chapters that I am working on come to me at the oddest times I have to confess that I write anywhere. I can be in the middle of a conversation with a friend or sitting in church and get an idea. I have learned that I must never ignore my muse so I pull out pen and paper and I write. Sometimes I only put down the bare bones of what I need to in order to then go back and get a chance to really develop the idea. 
So when one asks me where I write I can honestly say that I write just about anywhere and I really mean it. First of all I must explain that I write long hand and then transcribe via a voice recognition system onto my laptop or computer. I do have a preferred space or two in the house where I like to retire to when I am transcribing or editing my stuff. I have an office totally set aside for writing. It is here that I print out proofs, do official editing and write. It is open and looks out on the back yard and is a fabulous space. I must confess that it is set away from the rest of the house and there are times when it feels too distant and not conducive to my being able to create those first raw expressions of a new budding idea. When needed I go to a different place in order to write. That place is at the writing desk in my sitting room in my master bedroom area. It feels cozy and secluded and in the evenings after a long busy day when I feel the need I can go into that corner and rediscover my creative self. I know that I am indeed very fortunate to have several places where I can go in order to write.

I am thankful that there are many places in the  world – from chaotic airport waiting areas to grassy fields shadowed by the canopy of umbrella pines in the middle of Italy that are options for my being able to express myself because the tools needed are few – my vivid imagination and my pen and paper. This system is perfect for me and now with each new gadget and enhancement for my computer and laptops I truly can write anywhere in the world and share what I have created with everyone. Life can’t get much better than this……..

Happy writing.


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Jude Johnson said...

D.H., great topic!

When I go on a trip, I always take a notebook with me. Being away from the usual setting of my desk or table often infuses new sights, sounds, and smells into a scene I've been thinking about. Sitting on a bench dockside at San Diego Bay allowed me to experience what one of my characters would see, smell, and feel as he was saying goodbye to the city. I wrote down everything: from the smell of the seaweed and fish to the short cheeps of smaller birds mixed with cries of seagulls; the view across the bay of Coronado and how the very tip of the Hotel Del Coronado's red spire peeked above the treeline, the smaller sailboats weaving the lanes between Navy vessels and Dole banana tankers (I never knew bananas were transported on tankers!), and how the sea fog rolled westward instead of dissolving. It made for better realism in the scene and I don't think I would have remembered all those senses if I hadn't written them down.