Authors who are "Differently Expertised"...

Authors who are "Differently Expertised"...

20 November 2010

When Life Piles It On...

When life is crazy and the muse is screaming and you want to scream too….what can you do? We all live extremely busy lives. Whether it be work, family, social commitments, chores around the house or finding free time to just chill out we feel the crunch of the march of time like a vice grip on our very souls.

For me the hands on the clock seem to crunch all the hours together at one end of the circular face and at the completion of the day I realize I have not finished all I needed to do let alone do what I wanted to do.
The wanting to do list is relatively short for a writer. The call to put words to the page is strong and when a writer can’t answer to the call of the muse a form of melancholy can arise.

My inspirations come from diverse muses because I write in different genres. Sometimes several of these bringers of needed material decide to call at the same time. Imagine the chaos that could ensue when this happens. Luckily for me I am able to open up what I jokingly call my different file drawers in my head and place the soon to be created words in the correct place. The brief hand written scribbled notes, written in long hand, put the core of this material in a real third dimensional place until I can actually get to my quieter mental space to write.

At the beginning of this piece I made the reference to the need to scream. I would like to share a quick trick that I try to use, when feeling overwhelmed in general. My muses are a patient bunch but when things start to back up and the file drawers in my head are crammed to overflowing I take several deep breaths and maybe even go for a walk. No, taking time for a walk or brief nap is not counter productive for the creative process because in order to get back in the creative flow one must shut off the left brain and let the right side of the brain, the creative side, get a chance to step forward and do what it does best. When using the right side of the brain one can calmly pick up the pen or turn on the computer and one word at a time get into the enhanced realm of story teller.

This process can be used at any time and for any reason but it is essential to allow oneself to escape from being flooded by left brain screaming and demands.

Reminding myself that the dishes will wait, the piano doesn’t demand that I dust it, and the wash can wait a day may make the triple type A people crazy but in order do what one truly  wants to do the priority list must be reexamined on a daily basis. The choice to scream or not is in the end mine as it is yours. I am slowly learning to listen to my heart’s calling and deciding that I can do it all - especially the writing! 

Happy writing.

D.H. Palmer

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