Authors who are "Differently Expertised"...

Authors who are "Differently Expertised"...

16 December 2010

Gettting Ready

Everyone seems to be in a perpetual state of "getting ready" this time of year. "Getting ready" for the holidays, "getting ready" for finals, "getting ready" for year-end taxes... the list goes on and on.

I'd like to propose that we "get ready" now to make a change when the calendar flips over to 2011. Doesn't matter what that change is, as long as it's positive. Could be to buy one extra can of vegetables or soup each trip to the grocery store to donate to the Food Bank. A dollar or less, stock up when sales are on. The need for food donations doesn't diminish when the holidays are over.

Or perhaps you'd rather set aside one dollar each Saturday to give to an animal shelter. It's not much, but if a number of us choose to do it, we could help reduce the number of unwanted animals euthanized in 2011.

What about personal changes? Have you always wanted to write about your Aunt Ditzy and the crazy things she did? Or perhaps you have a story that will inspire others to persevere in the face of hard times - we all need those stories nowadays. What's holding you back? Are you afraid to let someone else read it - or are you intimidated by the "how to"  of putting it together?

Well, get ready now because Gecko Gals Ink is going to hold a one-day seminar for you on February 19, 2011. A whole day of "How-To" get those stories onto paper. "How to" format it properly, "how to" hook your reader from the start, "how to" possibly send your story to contests or magazines, "how to" write punchy dialogue... all this and a little more to get you started telling stories.

Write Start for Fiction is for anyone who wants to write a story and never thought they could. 

Right at the center of our homepage is a link to information and a registration form. We aren't "getting ready" to help you start writing - we're all set, waiting for you to sign up.

An entire day of information on "how to" can help you make that one little change in your life that will make the coming year something extra special. And who knows what you might be "getting ready' for by next December, eh?

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