Authors who are "Differently Expertised"...

Authors who are "Differently Expertised"...

07 January 2011

The Worst Anyone Can Say

Jude's Guest Blog post at The Writers' Vineyard deals with promoting print books.

People wonder how you get your book into bookstores. It's easy -  if you're Stephanie Meyer or Nora Roberts or Stephen King (will he shoot me for putting his name in the same sentence as the creator of Twilight? ha ha).  Any big publisher that sends advance copies and has distribution through Ingrahams, et al will get your book into Borders, Target, Barnes & Noble, and so on. But what if you're with a small publisher or (gasp! *makes sign of Evil Eye*) independently or self published? 

It's almost cost-prohibitive with a small publisher who doesn't have distribution. You, the author, must purchase copies of your own book to sell. You might as well have independently published it for what that cost will entail. 70% of the retail price... and a bookstore is only going to pay you 60%. 

But don't despair! There's hope! First off, you need to convince the bookstore to purchase copies directly from your publisher. And you can go off the grid to sell at non-bookstore venues. 

Read the blog here and let me know what you think with your comments.


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