Authors who are "Differently Expertised"...

Authors who are "Differently Expertised"...

13 March 2011

The Bottom Line

                Writing is a creative endeavor that requires solitude.  For those who love to write this solitude is a blissful oasis in one's usually chaotic world.  Books are written on how to get into the creative space in one’s head in order to shut down the overactive mind from chattering so much that one cannot write. 
               The topic today is not about the craft of writing but rather the bottom line.  This bottom line is called the sale of the book -- or hopefully books, plural-- you have written. It is about making the sale. .
              You, the author, must be the main promoter of your work.  In order to promote you need to be outgoing and comfortable talking to people in all situations.
              Shy?  Are you thinking that, yes, I’m very shy? Are you thinking, I am a person who enjoys my solitude, my quite creative space where I write? Well, you will need to learn to at least comfortably function in the world of communications.
             This universe of communicating consists of the Internet, with blogs, web sites, face book, and in other areas that will be covered by Gecko Gals in subsequent blogs.
            Today I'll address communications tied to the human voice -- your voice.  Think about what it takes when it comes to promoting your work.  Think big. Think radio, TV, lectures, and You Tube
            Whether you are thinking big or not you must be able to sell your books.  Book signings are easy as you are dealing one-on-one with each person who buys your book but you need to navigate yourself into the position of having those signings. That requires speaking skills
            If you have always thought of yourself as shy and cringe at the thought of speaking in front of people, do not despair. Remember there is help available -- lots of it.  Community college courses in speech, debate, and communications might be just the ticket.  Private coaching sessions can be arranged for those who want to go that route. This can be cost effective for those who are too shy to attempt a group activity. Gecko Gals Ink has info regarding this should you be interested. Check into groups like Toastmasters. The members act as private mentors as they move up the ranks of the organization. You become eligible for this help when you join. There are multiple groups in almost every city in the US as well as International Toastmasters groups, so no matter where you are you can benefit from this organization’s ability to cultivate your inner strength and help you become comfortable in any speaking situation.
            The various groups meet on different days of the week and at diverse times of the day so there is no excuse for not availing yourself of this resource. It doesn't cost much, either.
            Find whatever system works for you in order to prepare yourself for the joyous days when you will be promoting your books and making lots of sales.  You can do it.
            Remember to write daily.

            Happy writing.
            D.H.. Tremont

P.S. Three Gecko Gals belong to the Unity Toastmasters of Tucson.  The group meets on Saturdays at 4:30 to 5:30. Comment or email us at if you would like more information.

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