Authors who are "Differently Expertised"...

Authors who are "Differently Expertised"...

30 May 2011

Taking the Pressure Off by D.H. Palmer

Jude Johnson recently contributed to our blog site and discussed the topic of jealousy in regards to other authors and their successes. I confess to jealousy of those who have a better handle on handling the stress and demands of daily life and can somehow manage to stay on track and write daily. I am disciplined and can stay on top of most but my jealousy comes to haunt me when I whine to myself that the other writers have a spouse and more help while I am on my own. Or another good one is they don’t have to work or they are better time managers.

This need to compare and find fault with ourselves is an ongoing bane to all humans. I fear that those of us who are the creative souls may suffer more because the very act of creating makes us more vulnerable. It can get carried to the point of feeling guilty because you want to just sit and vegetate for a short time and watch a television show. I find that the little nagging voice in my head is saying “no, no, you cannot take time for yourself – you must be as disciplined as Carol, Ashleen, etc. 

I won’t belabor the point because I wish to touch on the idea that perhaps we should all relax and take the attitude that we will write when we can. We will muscle through the stress and day to day demands that scream for our attention and make us look longingly at the keyboard knowing that yet another day may have to pass before we can get back to our manuscript. And, guess what? That is okay.

Giving myself permission to be an ordinary person with lots of stuff going on and not having to be constantly perfect takes the pressure off. Taking pressure off and not comparing myself to those perfect beings who write daily and stay on schedule will help the creative juices to flow and in the end I will complete my book and be on track with what my writing schedule should be.

The ultimate aim for all our pursuits in life should be that we garner great pleasure from what we are doing. So, remember that the goal for a writer should be to write and be happy while doing so. 

D.H. Palmer

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Jude Johnson said...

A much-needed reminder, D.H. that life is too short not to enjoy the surroundings now and then.