Authors who are "Differently Expertised"...

Authors who are "Differently Expertised"...

05 April 2012

A Victory Over a Diabolus ex Machina

The last time I posted a blog to my website, I found a new diabolus ex machina.*  Several words were underlined, and proved to be LWAs -- links without [my] authorization!  When my cursor rolled over them, up popped odd little ads.  They were nothing I wanted there, looking like part of my post.  Clicking on the X in the corner of the ad made it go away -- until my cursor rolled over the keyword again.  Grrrr.

But I'm a silver-lining kind of gal, so I stopped growling and figured it out.  To make the LWAs go away, I had to edit my post, and replace those keywords.  A bother?  Yes.  An exercise in vocabulary?  Also yes.  Is there an easier way to eliminate LWAs?  Maybe, but I'm pretty sure I was a Luddite in at least one past life, and I'm still residually Luddish.  But, I just checked, and those LWAs stayed gone, so I'm content to have gotten rid of them by editing my blog.

Editing your blogs is a good idea even if no LWAs show up.  There are plenty of other diaboli ex machina.  You want to double-check spelling, even after Spell Check gives you the go-ahead.  If you're blogging mad, you might not want to, but probably should, wait 24 hours before hitting "publish," because it's not always easier to apologize than to ask permission.  If you're being funny, you need to, well, make sure you're being funny and not just dorking out.  (Why yes, I do speak from experience on that point.)  And you want to be on the alert for any programatical curves your hard- or software might be throwing at you for the first time.

In the meantime, I'm savoring my victory over one of the diaboli ex machina.

* As those of you who do will note, I don't know Latin.  I'm making it up.  But a) as a writer, I think it's my duty to make up words, and b) I think you know what I mean.

~Ashleen O'Gaea ~

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