Authors who are "Differently Expertised"...

Authors who are "Differently Expertised"...

27 January 2013

THese Boots Are Made For...Writing?

Is it the cowboy boots? It could be the cowboy boots. They do bring out my inner all-powerful, and I've been wearing them often recently, 'cause they're the only shoes I have that aren't intimidated by puddles, and it's been raining lately. Then again, it could be the rain, which in Arizona is always refreshing and inspiring. Could be both; could be something entirely else. Whatever it is, I'm feeling like writing again. Little bits -- revisions to things I'm already working on, ideas for new stories, ways to reclaim stalled projects -- are coming to me almost faster than I can jot them down. And although I do have other things to take care of before I can sit down for hours uninterrupted and Write, I'm feeling that those other things won't take long, and I'll be back at the keyboard before my hair's an inch longer.

This is, of course, Good. The other stuff I have to do is worthy and all, but it's been overwhelming for the last couple of months. Not depressingly, just filling-my-timely. And now, though I still have it to do, and will keep having other things to do, the Writing, the writing that makes me feel like a writer, is reasserting itself. I'm happy about that. Whether you will be, when you get a chance to read what I'm working on, is a different question, but .... If it keeps raining, and/or you wear cowboy boots too, maybe you'll like my books and stories as much as I like writing them.


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