Authors who are "Differently Expertised"...

Authors who are "Differently Expertised"...

14 April 2013

The Glam Life of a Writer--Ashleen O'Gaea

My life as a writer is ever so glamorous. I'm compelled to primp my hair just thinking about it!

Today, I sat peering at my monitor for about an hour, changing quotation marks that "selecting all" and "replacing" did not change them to the correct font. Now, in the same book, I get to print the table of contents and correct the page numbers, which have changed because before I fixed the quotation marks, I edited the manuscript. Then I'll save it as PDF, and I'll probably do that five or six times before the PDF conversion program gets tired of making random line breaks and other annoying changes. Then I'll upload it to CreateSpace, and in a day or two be able to go their their PDF version, wherein I'll spot more errors -- some of which I won't be able to find in my manuscript.

The upside, of course -- apart from the fact that eventually I'll get the book I want out of this process -- is that I can be as rude as I like and not offend any of the programs. (This is fortunate because when the conversion program takes the initiative, I like to be very rude indeed.)

Some people say that what they like about being a writer is that they can work in their grubby clothes, or jammies. Not me. I write best -- most creatively, patiently, and with fewer typos, actually -- when I dress as if I were meeting the public. I am always hopeful that through every book I write I will meet the public, and in large numbers. Neither the monitor nor the keyboard has asked me for my autograph, but I haven't given up hope for that yet, either. So I always -- well, almost always -- dress professionally (admittedly a variable standard) when I write ... because I want my life as a writer to be ever so glamorous!


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