Authors who are "Differently Expertised"...

Authors who are "Differently Expertised"...

26 April 2013

Writing Seminar? Why? -- Ashleen O'Gaea

Why should you attend a writing seminar? After all, you've never had anything published, so you're not really a writer; or you have had something published, so you don't really need any how-to -- right? Wrong! No matter where you are in the process, and no matter what your goals are, attending a writing seminar is a good idea.

If you want to be a writer but don't feel like one yet, come and spend a day with other people who write. It'll remind you that your not alone, and it will inspire you -- with ideas, and with the sense that you're a writer too, that you can do this! If you think of yourself as a writer, come and encourage others. If you've been published, you have some stories to tell. Telling them will put your experience in useful perspective for you, and will help those who've yet to face what you've been through.  Learn or be reminded that when writers share, they gain without giving away: even if somebody likes your idea enough to use it, they'll have a different take on everything about it, and there will be two -- maybe more than two -- different stories coming out of that one idea.

No matter how trained or experienced you are, you'll learn something. Maybe it will be that  the person sitting next to you at lunch is a friend you hadn't met yet. Maybe it will be a technique or a point of grammar or an editing trick. Maybe it'll be a new outlook on something you already knew in a different way. Maybe it'll be a certain turn of phrase or a picture on a book cover... You might not know what you'll learn, but you can trust that there will be something new or renewing in it for you.

You've probably heard about those two- or three-day seminars, and maybe you've sighed, thinking you don't have that much time, or you can't afford to go to and stay in California or New Mexico or Colorado or Hawaii .... But you might be able to find a day-long local seminar that you can fit into your schedule and your budget. (Even if you can go to out-of-town seminars for a few days at a time, it's nice to stay home and day-trip once in a while, too.) And now here's the pitch you knew was coming: the Gecko Gals are hosting just such a seminar, on May 18th. You get two hours of interactive expertise in the morning, lunch, and two more hours in the afternoon, for just $50. (Sign up through the link on this very page!)

At "Write Start: Start Writing," you get to talk to local writers who are rooting for you to meet your writing goals, and who have a wide range of writing and publishing experience. And if you want more, you can arrange to meet with them privately for editing and other consultation - for reasonable fees, because no, we're none of us rich snobs who think we're better than you. We're all in this together -- on the same page, you might say. So -- come and indulge your inner writer, inspire your outer writer, and join us on May 18th to make the "write start" and start writing!

-- Ashleen

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