Authors who are "Differently Expertised"...

Authors who are "Differently Expertised"...

05 June 2013

Word Magic for Teens

Words, words, words. When you're in school, sometimes all you want to do is tune out all the lectures. Writing assignments are painful chores, and you hope that counting "if", "and", and "the" fulfills the homework requirements.

But words are power. The right combination of words give you a voice. When someone reads your words--whether they are in the form of an email, a text, a Tweet, a blog post, or a poem--they don't see you sitting in a classroom. Often they don't see you at all. But your words speak for you, say what you want them to know and let your voice be heard.

With that in mind, Gecko Gals Ink presents WORD MAGIC for TEENS Ages 12 to 16, a short, two-hour workshop on giving your voice power through the right combination of words.  
Saturday, June 29th from 10 am till noon at St. Francis Cabrini Education Center, Room Five.
For only $20 we will help you create mood, dialogue, and characters to weave magic with your writing, no matter the form or audience.

 If you'd like to sign up, click HERE for a registration form.

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