Authors who are "Differently Expertised"...

Authors who are "Differently Expertised"...

06 November 2013

The Roster of Authors for The All-Zona Book Fest

 Here are the authors and groups participating in The All-Zona Book Fest on November 17th at the Tucson Sheraton Hotel & Suites, 5151 East Grant Road, Tucson.

We regret that schedule changes and conflicts have made both Jennifer Lee Carrell and Captain Mark Kelly unable to attend. However Nancy E. Turner will be our Featured Guest from 1:00PM until 3:00 PM.

The All-Zona Book Fest is open to the public from 10:00 AM until 4:00 PM.  Come by and meet new authors, chat with those you've met before, and start your holiday gift shopping!

NAME                                                                        GENRE                                              

Albaugh, Patti                                                 Fiction; Memoir         
Anderson, Dan Goss                                       Mystery: Historical
Arizona Mystery Writers                                  Group Information; Mystery, Suspense, Action
Barnard, Ashley                                              Fantasy
Bennis, C.Michael                                           Romantic Paranormal & Suspense
Bright, Amylynn                                              Romantic Humor: Paranormal & Regency
Cleere, Jan                                                     Southwest Historical Nonfiction
Corriere, Lala                                                  Suspense
Costa, Carol                                                    Mystery; Nonfiction
Cramer, Rebecca                                             Mystery
DeLorenzo, Jaycee                                          Contemporary Romance
Devonshire, Sabrina                                        Romantic Suspense
Domino, George                                              Cooking; Creativity
Farris, Sandra                                                 Mystery; Adventure
Gray, Shirley                                                   Memoir
Hernbrode, Gerry                                            Mystery
Hines, Lori                                                      Mystery: Paranormal
Holt, Alison                                                     Mystery; Psychological Suspense; Fantasy
Hutchison, Mary Ann                                       Mystery, Suspense; Young Adult; Nonfiction
Imago Press                                                   Publishing; Numerous Genres
Jelderks, Lisamarie                                         Fiction
Johnson, Jude                                                 Historical Fiction; Romance; Nonfiction
Kerns, Arthur                                                  Espionage Thriller
Killian, Bill                                                       Fiction
Kurtz, B.J.                                                       Fantasy; Paranormal
Lobdell. Dr. George H.                                     Historical Nonfiction
MacCollum, David V.                                       Fiction
Marriott, Barbara                                            Southwest Historical Fiction & Nonfiction
Mathis, Kate                                                   Young Adult; Women’s Fiction; Adventure
Mostly Books Bookstore                                   ALL GENRES
Nosky, Virginia                                                Romance: Contemporary & Historical
O’Dwyer, Kathleen                                          Memoir
O’Gaea, Ashleen                                             Fiction; Inspirational
Post, Richard S.                                              Memoir
Tremont, D. H.                                                Fiction; Inspirational
Turner, Nancy                                                 Historical Fiction

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