Authors who are "Differently Expertised"...

Authors who are "Differently Expertised"...

01 October 2014

The All-Zona Book Fest 2014

We're gearing up and getting excited for The All-Zona Book Fest! We now have our Participating Authors (so far! More will be added as they sign up) Page live online where you can see where our authors call home, what they write, and visit their website.

 We'll have more pages to come, showing what will be offered at the Silent Auction/White Elephant Sale by St. Vincent De Paul, plus a very special offer for attendees, so check back as the date approaches!

Sunday, November 23, 2014 
 9:00AM till 3:00 PM
~ Free Admission ~
St. Francis Cabrini Church Hall
3201 East Presidio Road
Tucson, Arizona

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