Authors who are "Differently Expertised"...

Authors who are "Differently Expertised"...

D.H. Palmer

D.H. Palmer writes self help and inspirational material. Several of her pieces can be found in the book entitled Happiness Awaits You.

         Ms. Palmer has created a character she calls "Huggly Snuggly;" an adorable cherub angel who sits on a comfortable seat with huge luminous white wings ready to hold anyone who needs to be cuddled and made to feel secure and safe.

        This adorable angel is loving and innocent to the sophisticated ways of the world. The primary aim of the concept is to have in ones mind a haven where one can go to regroup and find blissful quiet and a haven away from the crazy we world we live in.
        Take a deep breath and imagine this dear cherub is folding these big soft feathery wings around you – blocking out all of the world and making you feel like you are back in the womb and that you are protected and cherished beyond measure.

To follow in the theme of the simplicity of Huggly Snuggly the author offers to you, the reader, a few lines of the childlike poems created with innocence and a bit of silliness. She hopes you will not forget or abandon your inner child and that you can still allow yourself to be childlike and silly whenever you need to not be a grown-up. 

                      Huggly Snuggly Poems by D.H. Palmer
                                         Silliness Poems to Make You Smile
 Huggly Snuggly angels truly care
They help me do all that I dare

Huggly Snuggly life is divine
My angels help me with all that is mine

Huggly Snuggly sleep heals and blesses
When I wake up my angels have fixed all my messes

Huggly Snuggly my wonderful angel’s wings
Guide and protect me in all manner of things

Huggly Snuggly my glorious angels love me
They are always with me to help me be all that I can be